Route 12 has now moved its 5000th passenger!

Today, the representatives of Swiss Transit Lab had the honour of congratulating Erika Jackson – the 5000th passenger who has used Route 12 since it was opened at the end of March.

The interest and enthusiasm expressed by the population in connection with autonomous mobility is huge. Today, the moment has come for Route 12 to transport its 5000th passenger. Not bad, considering the fact that this self-driving shuttle has only been in service in public streets for ten weeks now.

Erika Jackson is the lucky 5000th passenger. Now an English resident, Erika together with her sister was about to visit friends. Both of them grew up in Neuhausen am Rheinfall and of course Erika also wanted to experience the town's latest sight - the self-driving shuttle in the Route 12. The two sisters were awarded a lovely bouquet. What a homecoming!

The autonomous shuttle has so far been in service for a total of about 330 hours. This translates into a transport capacity of Route 12 of 15 passengers per hour – even before summertime has started! The peak value for passengers transported on a single day is 270 (Easter Monday). We expect the transport capacity to increase sharply in the coming summer months, especially as soon as this automated vehicle starts moving people all the way down to the Rhine Falls.

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