CNN feature on Route 12

CNN visited the Route 12 in the Swiss Transit Lab for its show 'Supercharged'. Anchorwoman Nicki Shields was thrilled about the self-driving vehicle. Peter Schneck, CEO of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH explains in CNN's feature why the Route 12 is something extraordinary and how the future of public transport will look like.

Behind the scenes

This video lasts just a few short minutes, but that hides the hours of work required to produce the clip. In addition to presenter, Nicki Shields, there was a crew of three CNN staff on the ground: a producer, a cameraman and a drone pilot, all following the presenter and Peter Schneck, CEO of Trapeze Switzerland, every step of the way.

Each scene was filmed several times till the right shot was in the can. That was hard work especially for the cameraman who had to carry around the heavy camera on a warm day and whose brow was soon covered in beads of perspiration. However, inside the shuttle operating on Route 12, the temperature was agreeably cool, thanks to the air-con.

Approximately three hours after starting filming, the tv-crew from Great Britain gathered around their computer, reviewed the footage and started the editing process. Meanwhile, the Route 12 bus they’d taken returned to its regular schedule, ferrying passengers through the streets.

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