Acceptance and awareness of Route 12 rising at a high level

ETH Zurich measures acceptance, readiness for use and concerns regarding the introduction of self-driving bus transport in Neuhausen am Rheinfall and autonomous driving in general. Since self-driving vehicles can offer a number of advantages for the transport system in general and for passengers in particular, it is essential to examine the public perception of this technological development. Carrying out test runs with autonomous vehicles offers a good opportunity for this.
In connection with the introduction of Route 12 of the Swiss Transit Lab in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, the Institute of Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP) of ETH Zurich is conducting a panel survey on public perception of the test run and autonomous driving in general. The test in Neuhausen am Rheinfall offers an excellent opportunity from a scientific point of view to assess whether and how such experiments affect public perception, especially with regard to doubts and fears. The current report describes the data collection process and presents the results of the second of three planned surveys. The second survey was conducted between November 2018 and January 2019 among 957 participants recruited from the first survey (response rate 81.7%).

The results can be summarised as follows:

  • The awareness of the test run increased by approx. 20 percentage points to 80%
  • Public perception of Route 12 and autonomous driving in general remained stable at a high level
  • Both residents and passengers rate the project of Route 12 as meaningful
  • Approval for test runs has risen slightly but significantly
  • In 2018, a total of 20‘251 passengers used the bus on Route 12, which is an average of
  • 72 passengers per day
  • In general, significantly more passengers were registered on weekends and hotter days
  • The driving experience with Route 12 is rated as very positive by both residents and day passengers

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