Our partner for innovative data aquisition

In April 2019 p2data GmbH became a partner of the Swiss Transit Lab. Karl-Friedrich Hüssner is a founding member and CTO of the company p2data.

The Thurgau-based company offers technical solutions for the measurement and analysis of events in order to better understand people's behaviour and habits. On the basis of the collected data, customer satisfaction can be enhanced, profitability increased and the strategically correct decisions made for the operative business. The required technical components can be discreetly installed or integrated into existing billboards. The modern sensor technology not only allows the recording of visitor flows but can also distinguish the various objects (child, adult, bicycle) to obtain even more accurate data.

In the past, p2data has already carried out a pilot test with the Schaffhausen public transport authority and visualised and processed data and people routes. The internationally active company knows the needs of the public transport sector very well and has well-founded experience in the field of people counting systems and their evaluation.

Thanks to p2data's support, the Swiss Transit Lab benefits from innovative approaches for data acquisition, analysis and visualisation in order to optimise and improve operational measures.


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