Expertise from Swiss Transit Lab for self-driving buses in Germany

In February 2020, the first line of self-driving electric minibuses started in the German city of Monheim. The new line connects the old town with the bus station and acts as a shuttle to the large buses. The project was made possible with the support of Swiss Transit Lab member AMoTech, which was involved in numerous project steps from the execution of the feasibility study for the procurement of the vehicles to the launch of the new line.

Feasibility study:
Through the feasibility study carried out in advance, which serves as a basis for project implementation, the project idea was examined and evaluated and all important information for the pilot test was collected. The feasibility study resulted in the conclusion that the planned route with 7 stops is feasible and that self-driving vehicles from the manufacturer EasyMile should be used.

Procurement of the vehicles:
The buses were ordered for production. The requirements for the vehicle manufacturer were precisely and clearly defined by AMoTech, so that all requirements of the minibuses for deployment on the planned route were met and the delivery of the vehicles was on time.

Vehicle registration:
Close cooperation with the authorities and testing bodies took place throughout the project. On the way to the registration of the vehicle there were a few necessary modifications, so that the vehicles then received the road approval for the route of the new line.

Beginning of operation:
AMoTech has accompanied and supported the project in Monheim with the know-how it has already gained in the Swiss Transit Lab with route 12. This was a decisive factor in ensuring that the self-driving buses or the new line could be officially put into operation.

Monheim EasyMile 1

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