Trailblazers behind the Swiss Transit Lab

The Swiss Transit Lab is underpinned by a huge depth of expertise across the principal domains of knowledge needed for this ground-breaking development to gain traction. The driving forces are drawn from the fields of public transport, manufacturing and economic development. The names of the key players are Bruno Schwager, Director of Schaffhausen’s Transport Operator (VBSH), Peter Schneck, CEO of Trapeze, Dominique Müller, CEO of AMoTech and Patrick Schenk, Head of Regional Development.

For any project to move forwards, each and every cog and wheel has to work and integrate seamlessly with other components and that’s exactly the same at the Swiss Transit Lab – the Competence Center for Intelligent Mobility, the cradle of Schaffhausen’s first driverless bus. One of those cogs is Trapeze, a globally renowned systems developer, its subsidiary AMoTech, another is the canton and connecting those is Schaffhausen’s Transport Operator, VBSH. Together, they form the Board of the Swiss Transit Lab and are jointly tackling today‘s challenges in shaping the mobility and transportation agenda of tomorrow.

bruno schwager

Bruno Schwager is the Director of local Transport Operator VBSH and is passionate about innovation. Evidence of that is VBSH‘s current focus on electrification, a move he initiated. By 2029, the entire fleet of buses will be powered by electricity – making VBSH the first bus operator in Switzerland to achieve that goal. As an expert on public transport, his role on the Board is not only to input from the perspective of the transport operator, but also to ensure excellence in customer service and citizens’ concerns are front and centre, too. «For me, being involved in the Swiss Transit Lab means helping to shape transportation and mobility and to take on the challenges that entails.», Bruno Schwager sets out.

peter schneck

Peter Schneck is CEO of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH, based in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Trapeze Switzerland GmbH has been a global supplier of public transport solutions for 50 years and has over 2,000 public and private transport operators as clients around the world. Peter Schneck, his team and colleagues from Trapeze-subsidiary AMoTech have achieved a global first by producing the first driverless bus to be fully integrated into the traffic management system which controls scheduled public transport services. «Digital transformation is on the march. We want to drive the development of public transport by harnessing innovation.», Peter Schneck explains.

dominique mller

Dominique Müller is the CEO of AMoTech GmbH, which integrates driverless buses into existing traffic management systems and helps cities and transport operators to achieve their vision of driverless transportation. «What is clear is that transport operators have to change with the times, and we help them do that.», Dominique Müller says. He and his team have worked to ensure all of the deliverables for operating «Route 12», the first scheduled, driverless bus service, are delivered. He sees the Swiss Transit Lab as an open platform, which can be used by transport operators, municipal authorities and vehicle manufacturers to try out innovative solutions and to build momentum for their future transportation goals.

patrick schenk

«Our aim in developing Route 12 - the first scheduled, driverless bus service - and in pursuing our other projects is connected to our vision of Schaffhausen as a Smart City», according to Patrick Schenk, Head of the Regional Development Agency. Schaffhausen aims to become a testing lab region for technologies of the future and that’s why it’s now home to a Competence Center for Mobility. However, the canton is not limited in terms of the sectors it’s open to. The Regional Development Agency welcomes approaches from businesses, the academic community and municipal governments and invites these communities to step forward with their ideas and join up in developing and testing potential solutions.

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