Swiss Transit Lab puts bus stops of the future to the test

The Swiss Transit Lab is about more than testing and rolling out fully automated mobility systems. Its work also encompasses developing the infrastructure which will form part of tomorrow’s transport solutions. In line with this remit, the competence centre for intelligent transport systems is expanding its reach and now includes bus stops of the future.

Extending the scope of the Swiss Transit Lab to include examination of tomorrow‘s transport infrastructure means another aspect of „solutions for smart cities“ is added to the piece. This particular move means an increase in the focus on customer requirements, since passengers place great value on receiving a constant flow of information to keep them updated. 

The partners in the Swiss Transit Lab - Trapeze, AMoTech, local public transport operator VBSH and the Canton of Schaffhausen – have commenced a pilot project to test a new product in the field of „dynamic passenger information“. The product being put through its paces is a solar-powered bus stop information display manufactured by Papercastand integrating an e-paper display which doesn’t need to be protected from the weather. The display is particularly suitable for less frequently used bus stops, for mobile stops (e.g. when roadworks are being carried out) and/or to complement the information displays at existing bus stops. A major point of difference to the current bus stops in use in Schaffhausen is the price, which is considerably lower, the very simple installation process and the fact that the display doesn’t need to be connected to an electricity supply. As part of the pilot, one of the displays is at the bus stop Feuerwehrzentrum and another has been positioned outside the main entrance of the Trapeze building which is situated on Route 12, where the first driverless bus service is being tested. Further bus stop displays at other locations will be installed in the near future.

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