Swiss Transit Lab: Tangible Solutions for Smart Cities Today and Tomorrow

Swiss Transit Lab - Solutions for Smart Cities. The competence centre was founded in 2018 with the aim of developing concrete solutions for the intelligent city of tomorrow. What began with the first project of Route 12 in the area of Smart Mobility now includes numerous other areas of Smart City.

For example, integration into the guiding system and infrastructure of the transport companies, as well as passenger information (traffic management), publication of statistics (open data), acceptance studies in dialogue with the population (education) and anticipated maintenance work (smart energy) are already a reality in the Swiss Transit Lab. The integrated communication of the shuttle with the infrastructure (Internet of Things, IoT), charging at night (Smart Environment) and equipping staff with emergency signal systems (Smart Health) as well as short decision paths (Smart Government) also cover other aspects and are reality today.


The Swiss Transit Lab and its partners have already planned concrete projects for 2019, which will continue to cover the areas of traffic management, smart building, open data, public safety and health and smart street.

Are you also interested in working on specific problems in the Smart City and contributing your expertise? Are you interested in one of the aspects of Smart City that has already been worked on or is planned and would you like to research and develop on this topic?

Then contact us today and become a member of the Swiss Transit Lab to help shape the mobility of the future. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. oder +41 52 674 06 15

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