Route 12 and the Swiss Transit Lab

Route 12 is an integrated mobility concept (Mobility-as-a-Service) with planned first- and last-mile transportation. It differs from other pilot projects in being integrated into the existing public transport network of Canton of Schaffhausen and thus uses the existing infrastructure.

For the first time, industry, operators and the public sector are joining forces as project participants to develop the Route 12 and the future of mobility together with the population. The project is accompanied by an ETH acceptance study and aims to integrate concerns and wishes from the population.



Due to a technical update, Route 12 has been discontinued until further notice.

A driverless bus to the Rhine Falls

Schaffhausen heralds the future of public transport. Since March 2018, an automated bus service has been piloted in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, which is directly integrated into the existing route network.
A special feature of the route is the 15% gradient, which connects the upper with the lower section. Another special feature is that the vehicle is used bi-directionally, i.e. it travels back and forth without having to turn around. Impressions from daily operation can be found here.

The Route

The shuttle was operated for more than a year – from March 2018 to June 2019 – on the upper section of the route in the 30 km/h zone in mixed traffic between Industrieplatz and Neuhausen am Rheinfall Zentrum (red route). There, the self-driving bus served three stops, two of which are shared with conventional buses operated by the Schaffhausen public transport company VBSH. In June 2019, the route to the Rhine Falls basin (violet-coloured route) was extended with four more stops. The red dots mark the bus stops. Since then, the shuttle has been serving the entire route with a total of seven stops according to the timetable (see above).

Integration of Route 12 and existing transport system in Schaffhausen (traffic management system)

First and Last Mile Concept

Also, a first-/last-mile concept is going to be integrated in the project «Line 12». Consequently, passengers will be able to use an application based pick-up service allowing them to select a bus ride to Neuhausen am Rheinfall station or other connecting bus stops.


Piloting of the First and Last Mile concept commences

From 2019

June 2019

Extension of the service to the Rhine Falls

Taking to the streets

After receiving final approval by national authorities, the shuttle takes to the streets and interested citizens can try it out. Tranche 1 of research to gauge the acceptability of driverless transport is undertaken.

March 2018

Autumn / winter 2017

Application to operate

Application to operate in Neuhausen is submitted to the local authorities. In parallel, the organisation’s structure is determined and activity formally brought under the umbrella of the Swiss Transit Lab.

Press conference

Driverless transportation is presented to the media at the STL base above the Rhine Falls.

4th July 2017

Spring 2017


Trapeze Switzerland GmbH and local transport operator Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen VBSH decide to join forces to shape transport of the future. Supported by the Economic Promotion Team of the Canton of Schaffhausen, they decide to undertake trials of driverless shuttle services.

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